Cottonwood Cellars


This Month's Wine:

2015 Cottonwood Cellars White Pinot Noir - Lovely blush color and slightly Off Dry.  Very fruity with light fresh peach taste and aroma.  It goes well with cheddar cheese, spicy and Mexican food.  Try it with spicy shrimp on the Bar-B-Q.  One of our most popular wines last season and this.  It will sell out this year.  NEW RELEASE

Recipe – Stuffed Pablamo Peppers


8 Lg.      Pablamo or Anaheim Peppers               ½ Lb.    Sharp or White Cheddar Cheese  

1 Cup     Flour                                             1 Tblsp. Corn Starch

1 Tsp     Baking Powder                              ½ Tsp    Garlic Salt

¼ Tsp    Pepper                                            ½ Cup   Milk

1 Tblsp  Olive Oil


Roast peppers and remove skin and seeds.  Slice cheese and stuff peppers.  Add dry ingredients to a bowl then add milk stirring until smooth.  If too thick add more milk.  Place oil into large frying pan on medium heat, dip peppers into batter and arrange in skillet.  Fry until cheese softens then turn over and fry until cheese is melted. Serve with refried beans and Spanish rice.

Serves 4 people and don’t forget to pour the CC White Pinot Noir.

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